The “Flying Coach” programme is an initiative by England Athletics with the aim to deliver coaching expertise to athletes, coaches and clubs across all levels of ability and disciplines in England.

As part of the programme, experienced coaches visit local clubs and work together with athletes and coaches. The role of the Flying coach is to deliver coaching expertise and assist coaches with their own coaching and athlete development.

It is important to remember that a Flying Coach is there to support the club coach(es) and leave that coach in a better position to help their athletes than before they visited. A Flying Coach’s role is not there to coach the athletes.

How can I book Coach Urban?

  1. Assess the coaching needs in your coaching environment, club or athletics and identify suitable themes for coach development. Areas of development where you don’t have a lot of expertise are good subjects which can be addressed by a Flying Coach. For example, Planning & Periodisation, Strength & Conditioning, Movement Skills or Sports Psychology. However, a Flying Coach visit can tackle a specific question or problem in your coaching environment as well.
  2. Complete the Flying Coach Request Form here. Please state “Coach Urban Bettag” under Preferred Coach.
  3. e-Mail the completed form to your local Club Coach Support Officer (CCSO). Click here to find out about your local CCSO.
  4. CCSO will assess your request and will allocate a coach to deliver the Flying Coach visit.

What are the benefits of a Flying Coach visit?

  • Supports coaches with the development of their athletes.
  • Flying Coach visit is delivered in a practical setting (e.g. club night).
  • ‘Up-skill’ opportunity, local coaches can improve their coaching knowledge.
  • Coaches/athletes will be able to get fresh ideas.
  • Opportunity to share experiences and discuss club coaching.

Road Running Workshop – Interval Training: does it have a place in training for road running?

“Coach Urban provided a very thorough and informative workshop session on how, why and when adult road runners can use and benefit from interval training in their running.  Urban, who coaches in Central London and has a group of runners drawn from several clubs, is a very rigorous planner and has absorbed coaching ideas from many domestic and international gurus, which he distilled into his own personal style of presentation.  This was a good setting for sharing and exchanging of information amongst coaches so that they can go back into their club environment and try out new ideas.” (England Athletics News, 9/4/2013, Link)

Seasonal Planning for Endurance Athletes

“The morning workshop was tutored by Urban Bettag who is on the National Coaching Development Programme who delivered the Seasonal planning for endurance runners. The workshop gave coaches the opportunity to gain knowledge on the seasonal aspects of endurance running and to apply periodization theory to seasonal planning.  This helped coaches to design a training plan for the cross country and track season, and to be able to assess and evaluate a training plan and make amendments.” (England Athletics News, 26/9/2013, Link)

Please contact Coach Urban if you are interested in hiring Coach Urban for Flying Coach visit.