Team Coaching

RunUrban provides highly engaging coached training sessions for running teams and training groups at all levels of ability. For example, if you are part of a charity team, a university/college running squad or a running club in need of an experienced endurance coach and team manager then please get in touch with Coach Urban here (Contact Form).

Coach Urban has a great track record of raising standards and provides a fun and filling training environment where everybody can perform to their best ability. Unlike other coaches with a more short-term focus, Coach Urban has provided long-term athlete development which resulted in significant improvement on an individual and team levels on a year-by-year basis

Team Coaching – Why?

No doubt it is more fun to train together with your team mates instead of running alone around the running track. Having someone to chase down the finishing line can be very motivating.

At the same time those who are not running at the front appreciate the additional support through the team and get further encouragement.

In my experience as a running coach looking after groups I have always had very positive experiences with the individual coaches and the training group as a whole.

For the more advanced athlete having a strong training group with runners at a similar level of ability often leads to new running success. Sharing the work during hard interval sessions and encouragement often release new untapped potential.

Who is the audience?

  • At least 5 athletes belonging to a training group.
  • Running clubs without a qualified athletic coach.
  • Charity teams in need help with their race preparation.
  • Universities and College teams requiring a coach for the Cross Country and Track season.
  • Running clubs in need for a temporary cover.
  • Like minded runners and training groups in need for an organised training session.
  • Corporate teams in need of technical advice, guidance and a training programme.
  • Triathlon training groups wanting to improve their running.
  • Football clubs or any other teams wanting to improve their running.

Coaching Services include:

  • Identify shared goals
  • Season planning
  • Setting of group training sessions
  • Running quality training sessions
  • Incorporating warm-up, drills, sessions and strength & conditioning, stretching.
  • Performance Management
  • Team Management

What are the benefits?

  • Team Building – Fostering team spirit and building better integrated teams.
  • Regular Communication – Ensure the team is working towards a shared goal.

Coaching Fee

Please, note that the team coaching service can only be an exclusive offer. Coach Urban can only commit to one team per season.

  • £75 / hour
  • Fees either paid in advance or set up as Direct Debit payment.

If you are interested in working with Coach Urban then please get in touch here and tell us a bit more about your running background.


Please see Coach Urban’s work with the training group at the Serpentine Running Club here or with the Dagenham 88 Runners here.