RunUrban provides individual running coaching on a 1:1 basis specifically tailored to the athlete’s needs. Coach Urban will work with runners at all levels of ability – from novice to elite runners. No matter if you are training for the London marathon, the track or cross country season Coach Urban will give you the guidance to achieve your goals.

Individual running coaching – why?

Athlete’s individual circumstances can vary and no two athletes are the same. Most people live very busy lives, full of distractions, with little time available for running and no time for planning the actual training. Balancing work and lifestyle can be challenging and there is often no time to read through hundreds of articles, running magazines, books or running related web pages. While there is a lot of running related material in the public domain, when it comes down to which training programme to follow, then we are not really sure and would happily turn to a running coach for advice and direction.

Novice and advanced runners are very keen to improve. This can lead to runners following training schedules not relevant and designed for specific needs. For example, Mo Farah’s training schedule is tailored to his needs, his body, his lifestyle and his own goals. He certainly would not follow a beginner’s training schedule. A beginner or novice runner should not follow the same training programme designed for a professional runner. Following someone else’s plan is no recipe for success and will only lead to injuries. For any athletes and runners improving it is important to have a tailored training programme, which takes the individual strength and weaknesses into account.

This is where Coach Urban can help. Coach Urban will work with you and develop a relevant training programme tailored to your running ability, your needs, goals and suitable to your lifestyle.

The 1:1 coaching service is relevant to all athletes who want:

  • to achieve their goals
  • to improve their running
  • to train smarter
  • to prevent injuries
  • to work on their technique
  • to structure their training
  • to be better prepared for races
  • to follow expert advice

The individual 1:1 coaching service Coach Urban provides includes:

  • Assessment of your ability and potential
  • A questionnaire and profile to determine your strength/weaknesses
  • Goal setting session to agree your targets
  • A review of the training you have been doing so far
  • A quick assessment of your running technique
  • A tailored training programme to meet your unique needs
  • Progressive race and competition schedule
  • A monthly training plan (in MS Excel/Word Format)
  • Coaching support & feedback through regular contact
  • Face to face session to monitor your progress

How do you benefit from 1:1 Coaching

  • Achieve more – With an individual, tailored, personalised coaching service you will be able to perform better, set PBs, potentially win races and fulfil your full athletic potential.
  • Personal Fulfilment & Motivation – You will be getting more out of the sport, training and ensure long term participation and avoid injuries.
  • Instant help – Turn to your coach and be able to get help when you need it.
  • Fun time – While training hard and being focussed on a big goal, you will have more fun by working as a team and with an experienced coach.
  • More variety – Having more variety in your training will keep you motivated and will ensure you get more out of your running.
  • Tried & Tested Methods – Using proven, relevant and appropriate training methods tailored to your needs eliminates all the guess work.
  • More clarity – Having a well written and articulated training programme which fits your lifestyle.
  • Fresh perspective – Coach Urban will give you a fresh perspective and a more balanced view on your training.
  • Better learning – Learn to make better more balanced informed decisions on your training, nutrition, injury presentation and race planning.
  • Insurance Cover – Qualified coaches accredited by UK Athletics (UKA) are covered by the UKA’s public liability / third party insurance.
  • Expert advice – Coach Urban is a qualified endurance performance coach (Level 3) with UK Athletics. Coach Urban is part of the England Athletics National Coaching Programme, where he shares lessons learnt, knowledge and expertise with other top coaches in the country.
  • Feedback – Get regular feedback from Coach Urban on how you are doing and what you can improve.

Coaching Fee

  • £35 per month for the first 6 months, then £30 per month onwards.
  • If you intend to commit for a whole year, £30 per month.
  • No joining fee, no binding contract.
  • Monthly training plan.
  • Monthly face-to-face review meeting.
  • Coaching fees paid in advance or set up as Direct Debit payment.

If you are interested in working with Coach Urban then please get in touch here and tell us a bit more about your running background.


“I ran a new PB for the 10k on Sunday.  I ran the Lee Valley 10K in a time of 41:42 which is 45 seconds quicker than my time at the BUPA.“ – Tim F., 5k/10k Programme

“I ran it in 3:09:05! So pleased and overall had a great race. Thanks so much for all your invaluable help. I couldn’t have done it without you!“  – Tilly S., 1:1 Coaching / Marathon

“I wanted to say many many many thanks for your useful training. I learnt many things thank to you.“ – Anna S., 1:1 Coaching / New York City Marathon

Coach Urban 1:1 Running Coaching

Coach Urban working with a relay team during the Palm 100 mile stage race.

We love Coach Urban! We are so happy to have found the right man for the job.“ – Carlo and Paolo, ‘Team Italy’ preparing for NYC.

Thanks for guiding me through this speed workout. A great session which will help me to get faster.“ – Atsuo, Experienced Marathon Runner.

Firstly, I just want to say thank you! I loved every single workout you planned and this is what I dreamed for.“ – Abdu, keen track athlete.

It was my PB today at the Park Run – wow! Your method is working! Thank you very much. And thank you very much for the training schedule. I am so happy :) :)
– Yumi, benefiting from 1:1 Coaching.

I came 24th in the World Triathlon Championships in Vancouver, Canada in my age group with a PB on the 5k leg, helped largely by my winter training sessions with Urban at Battersea Park
– Tim, 1:10:34, ITU World Championships ’08 Sprint Distance.

Thanks for all your help during my marathon training. I did had the perfect race and set a PB!
– Karine, 2:50:40, ING Amsterdam Marathon, 10th place.