Dear Athletes, coachees, runners and friends,

This is a short message to wish all runners, their families and friends a very happy Christmas and successful New Year. I wish you a successful, injury free running season and may 2015 be your best ever year running wise.

Looking back, 2014 has been a very successful and busy year for RunUrban. The interest in running coaching (the RunUrban way) has increased significantly. The number of coaching enquiries have increased, resulting in more runners taking up coaching and appreciating the value of a running coach.

Many of you have achieved, even outperformed their running goals for 2014, have transitioned and become better runners (and athletes). This has been accomplished by no small part due to your dedication, commitment and perseverance. I congratulate you all. Well done!

I would also like to thanks all runners for their amazing support. As you know, all your coaching fees go 100% towards initiatives of the Shoe4Africa charity in Kenya. Many thanks for taking up the Christmas gift vouchers and supporting the Shoe Programme Campaign.
I am pleased to report, for 2014 in total, you contributed $6,078 towards Shoe4Africa. I am in particular very proud of this achievement, thanks to all of you pulling together and giving your support. All your donations go towards the Shoe4Africa Children’s hospital and funding of the shoe programme.

I look forward to see you in the new year.

Run strong & best wishes,

Coach Urban

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