“Thank you for all your super coaching over the last three (or more actually?!) years – couldn’t have got the times I’ve got so far without it!” – Sarah B.

“Massive thanks! 2nd place in 33:10, I was running alone all the way and was not aware I was so close to my PB. Looking forward to more racing.” – Fernando

“I do love the training sessions on the Tuesday : )” – Sandy, 4’49” for 1500m.

“I ran the Southern Women’s League today and got new pbs in 3k (10’59.6) and 1500m (5’23). Last time I did the SWL I also ran these same events in the same order (11’15 and 5’37). Thanks for all your help so far.” – Grace

“Got another pb – at the Sri Chinmoy 10km – 39:10 is what I was told. Thanks coach!” – Raoul

“Just wanted to let you know that I ran Ballycotton 10 mile today in 65:00 flat….a pb by some 3 minutes!! So thanks for all the training etc. Really has made a difference!” – Katherine

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say I ran the Harrow Hill 6 miler yesterday – pretty bad conditions with the rain early on! I did it in 45 mins and ended up winning the ladies race and getting ‘Queen of the Hill’!! I think the good atheletes didn’t show up because of the weather! Anyway, the tough track sessions certainly helped me physically and mentally when it came to the hills (particularly the second time round.) I felt for the first time I properly ‘raced’ it too which was good! So thank you!” – Melissa, 2010 Harrow Hill Race champion & Queen of the Hill.

“Urban helped me to overcome an injury over the last three months of my marathon training. His help and guidance ensured that I was able not only to overcome the injury but to catch up on my training schedule to finally run and finish the marathon. Urban’s help was crucial for my marathon achievement! My only regret is not having met Urban from the beginning of my training. Thanks a lot Urban for your advice!!!” – Ricardo, 2009 Flora London Marathon Finisher

“Urban is an efficient creative coach who has been a tremendous help in helping me to move forward with my training schedule and running goals. He has also helped me recover quicker from my injuries through his detailed knowledge of the human body and running injuries.” – Andrew

“Thank you Urban for your amazing work this year in planning the weekly sessions. You are a very committed and hard working coach. I enjoyed being witness to your grand journey in reaching the level 3 qualification. Thank you also for the advice you provided before the marathon, which really helped me to have a good race.” – Jose, Berlin Marathon 2009, big PB!

“Thanks so much for the great sessions this year – really enjoyed it a lot, and I am planning to be back early Feb…and feeling confident that things will go even better next year!” – Reinhard

“Due in no small part to your coaching – I was thinking about the head up and running tall, which helped me get through the last few miles.” – Sam, 2:58:15, Flora London Marathon 2008

“I came 24th in the World Triathlon Championships in Vancouver, Canada in my age group with a PB on the 5k leg, helped largely by my Serpie winter training sessions with Urban at Battersea.” – Tim, 1:10:34, ITU World Championships ’08 Sprint Distance

Urban, I met you in mid February on Battersea running track and you gave me some very useful marathon advise and timed me running. I don’t know if you remember, I was just starting my training then after 4 years of not running for my first marathon. Just to let you know that I tried to follow your advise, I did a half marathon and tried to have 2 of my 5 weekly runs as slower recovery runs. Anyway I get the marathon on Sunday in 2:49 which I was very happy with as it was below my 3 hour target just seemed very ambitious in when I met you. I did also join the Serpentine running club though have only been able to make it to one Wednesday run to date! I’m hopefully going to try and continue running and maybe train for some shorter races in future. Very many thanks, your advise was definitely very useful and hope you’re well.” – Greg Allen, marathon debut in 2:49:18 (12th fastest Serpie), FLM ’09

“I asked Urban to be my athletics coach following a difficult relationship and fall out with a previous athletics coach. It was refreshing to be coached by Urban following this experience. Urban took the time to establish where I was at as an athlete and lined these up with my athletics goals. Urban then put together a training plan for me that enabled me to rebuild my confidence and fitness following a tough summer competition where I did not achieve any of the goals I set up with my previous coach. Urban did not stop there, he took the time to collaboratively assess what was working with the plan and where we needed to change things around. Urban also facilitated my understanding of why I was doing the training I was doing, inviting me to athletics seminars and recommending reading material. I am about to head back to Australia, where I hope to continue a long distance coaching relationship with Urban and I look forward to sharing my racing and training results with him. I would not hesitate to recommend Urban to anyone that is committed to their athletic goals as Urban will develop you as a total athlete, not just write you a training program and leave you to it! He will take all feedback onboard and work with you to enable you to grow and hopefully achieve the goals you have set!”, – Monica

“Urban – big thank you. Finally sub 20′ 5k… For sure your Battersea Park sessions played a major role.” – Giovanni

“New PB! 15:41 so over 30 seconds off. Your Tuesday sessions have contributed so many thanks.” – Paul

“Coach! Have to thank you as I just got a PB in the 800m 2:33.9! Thanks again!” – Marielle

“I came 24th in the World Triathlon Championships in Vancouver, Canada in my age group with a PB on the 5k leg, helped largely by my Serpie winter training sessions with Urban at Battersea.” – Tim Thomas, 1:10:34, ITU World Championships ’08 Sprint Distance

“This is just a quick note to thank you for your coaching work over the last couple of years. I’m moving back to NZ tomorrow, so won’t be back to the sessions. Your sessions have been crucial to my running and improvement over many distances. It is also great to see the improvement across the club and in quality of athletes attending Battersea sessions. No doubt this is a result of you increased profile in the club coaching ranks It’s a disappointment for me that I won’t be able to reap the benefits myself.” – Nick

“I just did a new PB of 18:25 in the LFOTM, 50s off my previous best of 19:15, after only 3 of your track sessions!” – Robert I.

“Thanks again for the coaching sessions, they are a highlight in my sporting week.” – Crossley

“Thanks a lot Urban, and thanks for your coaching through out the summer. I realised that track sessions not only make me faster and stronger, they help me to keep focus on my targets.” – Claudio

Thanks Urban for your well structured and well prepared training sessions. The Tuesday sessions helped me in many ways and as a result I had a very good summer in terms of PBs and avoiding injuries. Many many thanks indeed. – Abdul-rashid, sub 17 5k.

“Just thought I’d let you know I ran 11.5 miles in 100 minutes the other day, which is about 8.45/mile – this is more than a minute faster than what I was running in October when I did my marathon, and will reduce my marathon time by about half an hour if I can maintain it for the distance.  It wasn’t even that hard. Hurrah for track!” – Meghann, avid runner.