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I would like to thank all of you who supported me and made a contribution towards the Shoe4Africa Children’s Hospital. Thanks to your generous donations I have now reached and exceeded my fundraising target for 2014 of $5,000. As of November $5,273.10 has been raised towards the Shoe4Africa Children’s hospital.

The building of the Shoe4Africa Children’s Hospital in Eldoret, Kenya is making great progress and the opening of the hospital is targeted for December 2014. A fantastic achievement for Shoe4Africa. The hospital will have a significant impact on saving children’s lives and improving health standards in the East African region. Please like our Shoe4Africa Facebook page and follow the progress we are making on our hospital project.


New Shoe4Africa fundraising initiative

In May 2014, we setup Shoe4Africa e.V. in Germany. During the last couple of months I was involved in supporting a number of campaigns, which help to raise awareness of Shoe4Africa in Germany. Amongst others, a nation wide campaign for collecting used running shoes for the Shoe4Africa grass-roots events in Kenya. Thanks to the help of Achim Achilles we managed to collect hundreds of used running shoes in Germany. We have had a fantastic response and ended with many shoe donations. In fact we ended up with more running shoes than we have space available. For this reason we want to send the used running shoes from Germany to Kenya as soon as possible. In order to cover the shipping cost between Germany and Kenya we need to raise funds.

Used Running Shoes for Shoe4Africa

If I could kindly ask until the end of the year, regular RunUrban runners to make their monthly donation to the “Raise Funds to Send used Running shoes to Kenya” fund, instead of making a donation for on the “1:1 Running Coaching” via the Donate Paypal Buttons on the sidebar.

If you have any questions or problems making a donation, please get in touch via info@runurban.com.

Many thanks for all your support,
Coach Urban

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